The Monkey and The Snake

Emilyn Ruhnke

One afternoon there were 2 animals in the jungle. There was a Mikey the Monkey, and Sam the Snake. Mikey the monkey thought that since he could jump to tree to tree he was faster than Sam. So one day Mikey went to go meet Sam for the first time.

“Hello Sam, my name is Mikey, and I came here to talk to you.” Mikey said

Well hello Mikey, what may I help you with?” Said Sam

“I was wondering if you wanted to have a War. “Said Mikey

Sam was a little hesitant at first, but after a couple minutes, he finally made a decision.

“Okay, I’ve made my decision, “Sam said,” I will have the war.”

“Awesome, Now go get all of your snake friends, and I will get all my monkey friends.” Said Mikey

Later that night Mikey and Sam met up at Mikey’s place and made the rules. They decided that the winner gets to have the other persons place. They also decided that this war proves the other ones better. After the Rules were made everyone went to go get ready.

That night they met up.

“May the best animal win? “Said Mikey.

“That must be me right?” Sam said happily

“Ha-ha no!” Mikey screamed,” Now let’s start this war!”

The war started and ended very quickly. Suddenly all of the monkeys were either Hiding in the trees or had run away. When the war did end Sam was very happy, but Mikey wasn’t. Mikey thought that he was going to win.

“Well lesson learned,” Said Sam, “Never face a snake in a war!”

“I guess you were right same, maybe you are better than me,” Mikey said sadly

The next day Mikey and Sam were friends, and the war was out of the way!

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