1st & 2nd Hand Account of Dance

By: Mrs. Obermark

Stage 1 Dance Competition

Firsthand Account:

I have been dancing for years! Each year, I attend the Stage 1 Dance Competition in Alton, Illinois. I compete with girls my age from all around the state. The competition is at a recreational level. We have routines based on skill levels. Sometimes there are mothers at the competitions that can be kind of scary to me. They will shout and yell at their daughters when they are performing and put a lot of pressure on them. I get bummed to see this, because my mom and I do the competitions for fun. We like to have a weekend away to bond! I look forward to this competition every year.

Dance Moms Reality Show

Secondhand Account (Television Review):


The "Dance Mom" reality show is a hit on the Lifetime television network. The moms are known to be crazy, because they fight over which of the girls is the best dancer on the squad. They go to extreme measures, such as yelling at each other, shouting at the coach, and disciplining their daughters for dancing poorly, or not winning. The dancers have impeccable skill and have had tremendous success in the dance business. "Dance Moms" will continue to bring top ratings based on the chaos created from one episode to another.

Compare/Contrast Reflection

My experiences as a dancer go back almost five years. I have competed at the Stage 1 Competition every year with my mother. We have a lot of fun bonding. I read a review on the reality show "Dance Moms". I could not believe how skilled these dancers are. They are put under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform my their mothers and coaches. My experience with dance is so different because it has always been about fun. Sure, my competitions can get a little chaotic with everything going on, but my dance life day to day is low key.