Gifted Cluster Teachers

Dare to Differenitate!


Differentiated instruction recognizes and acts upon the reality that children learn differently. It is not a question of good or bad classrooms; it is not a question of which teachers are working harder. It is doing what is instructionally the right thing to do--beginning where students are and trying to take them as far as they can go in their learning. Learning takes place only when students experience instruction at a level of difficulty that is appropriately challenging and attainable (Tomlinson, 2003; Wolfe, 2001).

Rather than whole-class instruction dominating, small groups of students frequently work together or with the teacher on different levels of concepts and skills. By instructing in flexible groups, the teacher is able to effectively vary the level and kinds of instructional materials as well as customize learning assignments--many of which directly respond to learners' interests.

The following links will show you three ways to incorporate Differentiation into your classroom for Curriculum Compacting. Differentiated Learning Centers, and Extension Menus.