Spirit Bear Island

A Great Place to Heal

Welcome to Spirit Bear Island!

Visit the soothing, nature filled, relaxing island, where you can being a new journey on the path of peace.

Experience the forest with Cole Matthews, a former juvenile delinquent, Garvey, a Tlingit Indian and parole officer, and Peter Driscal, a former victim of anger. You can learn to soak in a beautiful, clear, cold, fresh pond, where you can clear your mind. Hike up a steep, tall hill carrying your ancestor rock to roll away your anger.


Have you seen the Spirit Bear? Cole Matthews has definitely seen the Spirit Bear, and he can show you how to bring the Spirit Bear out of the woods. Enjoy a relaxing walk through the woods while learning the things Cole did in order to heal and change for the better.

Cole Matthews, what does this island mean to you?

The island brought me healing. It's all true, I was a juvenile delinquent, but I changed because of the island. At first, I thought that living on the island for a year would be easy, but Garvey said for me to try lying to my hunger, or cheating in the cold, or try manipulating a storm (pg. 57). I had to cooperate with nature in order to live, so I changed my ways for the better.

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Wake up at early dawn and enjoy a long and relaxing soak in the pond with Garvey and learn the secrets of the mind. It's really relaxing after a while and you can learn so much about yourself. The pond played a major role in Cole's path to healing.

Garvey, what does the island mean to you personally?

The island taught me and Cole about a lot. Cole learned about himself while in nature, and I taught him things about life that will stay with him forever. I was with a wise elder of the Tlingit tribe who is my friend, Edwin, and I learned a ton from him and he learned a ton from me. I taught Cole about life with the line lesson and I go to the pond as well with him sometimes (pg. 143-146). I hope he will remember these lessons.

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Hill and Ancestor Rocks

Join Peter Driscal, Edwin, and Cole Matthews on a hike up the hill, carrying the ancestor rock and at the very end, rolling away your anger. Edwin taught Cole how to roll away his anger, then Cole taught Peter Driscal how to roll away his anger, and now it's your turn! You may not have any anger with you, but this will be a chance for you to carry your ancestors with you, in your heart.

Peter, you haven't been here on Spirit Bear island long, but I'm wondering what meaning, if any, does the island have for?

I h-haven't b-been here for a while, b-but I have made peace with Cole and have learned a lot a-about m-myself. I-I learned how to carve a totem, see the Spirit Bear, and to roll away my anger. C-Cole and I are still sort of working out our differences, but we are on the right track (pg. 215-240). I-I hope everyone who comes w-will learn s-something t-too.

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