Eco Atkin

A vegetarian Atkins Diet alternative

What are the claims if the diet?

Some 31% of the calories in the diet came from plant proteins, 43% from vegetable oils, and 26% from carbs.

What You Can Eat?

Instead of the steaks and bacon found in the original Atkins diet, dieters in the study were given prepared foods that consisted mostly of healthy fats, soy foods, beans, nuts, seeds, no-starch gluten products, fruits, and vegetables.Protein came primarily from gluten, soy beverages; tofu; soy burgers; veggie products such as bacon, breakfast links, and deli slices; nuts; vegetables; and cereals. The diet emphasized viscous vegetables like okra and eggplant, along with other low-starch vegetables.

How does it Compared to the food pyramid?

It is all low protein.

What are the long term health issues?

Expected to benefit heart health. To answer questions about long-term results in people not provided with prepared diet foods, the research team is conducting an ongoing study that extends to seven months, said Jenkins. Preliminary, unpublished results show that while body-weight reduction is maintained, long-term differences in LDL cholesterol are not as dramatic.

Why might people who want to lose weight be particularly vulnerable to promises and claims of this diet?

Many people prefer this version of Atkins because it eliminates high-fat animal products and has less of a negative ecological impact. Eco-Atkins has also been shown to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol more than a diet that does not restrict carbohydrates.

Whats forbidden in the diet?

Meat, Steak, High-Protein,eggs, and butter with plant-based nutrients.