Negley Navigator News

October 14, 2016

Captain Crowther's Corner

Ahoy Navigator Parents!

Can you believe it! We have just completed our first 9 weeks! Our students are well into their routines and really buckling down in their academic learning. Parent Teacher conferences are over and report cards will be coming out shortly.

Speaking of report cards, here are some helpful hints from the Huntington Learning Centers for reviewing your child's report card :

Your child has gotten back into the swing of the school routine, and now it's time for an academic check-up. "Think of the first report card as a great opportunity to communicate with your child about school," says Eileen Huntington, co-founder of Huntington Learning Center. "It is the first true academic checkup of the year, and a good time to talk about how things are going."

Jot down questions to ask the teacher. Go through the report card carefully and identify areas you'd like to discuss with the teacher. What concerns you most about your child's report card? What grades or comments surprise you? What does the teacher think you should work on at home? Be sure to ask the teacher about your child's attitude and behavior, too. Take note of irregularities and patterns. If something on your child's report card is inconsistent with what you know about your child, it is probably worth investigating. For example, it might surprise you to see a poor grade in math if your child did well in math last year. There could be many factors at play, such as the pace of the class, basic skills missed that are now hindering your child's performance, or other issues. Pay attention to study skills. Some smart students are hampered by disorganization and poor study skills. Does your child's report card indicate that he or she is struggling with things such as time management, focus or overall organization? If so, it may be time to intervene by helping him or her develop a homework routine and an organizational system to keep track of paperwork coming home. Talk with his or her teacher for ideas. Go to the source. After you've taken time to review the report card, sit down with your child and get his or her perspective. What parts of school is he or she struggling with most? Let your child know that you want to help, and ask him or her how you can best do so.

Huntington advises parents not to let the first report card of the year cause stress - even if grades are lower than expected. "The report card gives you detailed information about your child's academic progress, and should be used to support your child's learning," Huntington says. "Use this invaluable tool to assess your child's first semester, identify any issues and make a plan to address them together. Don't wait to seek tutoring help if your child's skills aren't where they should be. Your child will benefit - and hopefully the next report card will reflect those efforts."

These are great tips to remember when you receive your child's report card. If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher!

Happy October!

Mrs. Crowther

Gator Tales

Morning Messages to Dinnertime Discussions:

Monday: No school today - Parent Teacher conference day.

Tuesday: Mrs. Crowther talked about respecting your property and the property of others. Hopefully you got a great big hug and thank you from your child for giving them all the "things" they have!

Wednesday: Mrs. Crowther discussed respecting animals.

Thursday: The topic was respecting nature. Ms. Crowther read 2 short stories about respecting wildflowers and insects.

Friday: Today Zeven taught us the letters t,u,v,w,x,y,z in sign language! He did another fantastic job! We ended with birthdays and the pledges. Our class cafeteria DoJo winner was Mrs. Steubing's First grade class. We also had a Gator Time Fire Drill. The students did a great job. We exited the building in less than 5 minutes! Great job students!

Next week's planned messages:October 17-21 (these are subject to change if needed)

Monday:Respecting each other: Don't insult others or make fun of them.

Tuesday:Continue Monday's lesson: Don't mock or tease others.

Wednesday:Respect: Listen to others when they speak: Value others opinions

Thursday:Respect Review

Friday: Fun Friday riddle, Zeven will review the letters of the alphabet in sign language; then we will do birthdays, etc.

Be sure to ask your student about the Morning Message!

Gator Time Reminder!

Parents - We would love for you to stay and attend Gator Time with us. The only thing you need to do is check in at the front desk, get your Raptor name badge, then come on in! If you just want to stay in the hallway outside assembly, you still need to get a Raptor name badge. If you are dropping off your child and leaving, there is no need to have a Raptor badge. When you get your Raptor badge, please put it on your upper chest/shoulder area so that our staff members can easily see that you have checked into the school. This keeps us safe!

Also, it has been reported that there are some adults, with no name badges, that are taking pictures/videoing through the gym windows. This is really creeping your fellow parents and your teachers out. They don't know you, they don't see any name badges, and you are taking pictures. I'm sure there is no ill intent here, but the perception is what I've described above. Thank you for not doing this as it is a safety concern.

NES Staff will be looking for name badges and monitoring adults in the building. Please be respectful to our staff - we are trying our best to keep your children safe - we know that's what you want, and we need your help! Thank you!

Important PTA vote scheduled for Monday, October 17

Big image
The choices being voted on are: (in random order)

Technology - iPads or Chromebooks for classroom use

Shade Cover - for the large playscape so it's not so hot in this Texas sun!

Outdoor Learning Center - large covered deck with picnic tables for outdoor classes

Track - for students to use at recess, PE, after school clubs

Makerspace Items - To support our Makerspace movement in the Library.

You MUST be a member of the Negley PTA in order to vote.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 24-28


One School, one goal, drug free: Wear school shirts. The Negley PTA is selling school t-shirts through the PTA website. They take credit cards!


You can’t hide great character- wear cammo. Character and strength against peer pressure.


We want a future as bright as can be…. We are making it our goal to be drug free.

WEAR college shirts.


YOLO- you only live once…. Celebrate unique differences, goal setting. Dress your best!!!


Team up against drugs! Wear team spirit shirts.

Important Upcoming Dates to Remember

October 17: PTA voting meeting for gift to Negley 6:30 pm in the Library

October 21: NES Student Council officer elections

October 21: NES Talent Show at PAC

October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week - Themed days - info posted above!

October 25: FUNDRAISER PICK UP - in the gym! More info to come!

October 26: District GT parent meeting - Identification process

October 27: K - 2 Awards Assemblies: 2nd grade: 8-8:30 am; 1st grade: 8:40 - 9:10 am; Kinder: 9:20 - 9:50 am in the cafeteria.Your child's teacher will contact you if your child will be receiving an award.

October 28: 3-5 Awards Assemblies: 4th grade: 8-8:30 am; 3rd grade: 8:40 - 9:10 am; 5th grade: 9:20-9:50 am in the cafeteria. Your child's teacher will be contacting you if your child will be receiving an award.

October 31: Storybook character day - Dress up like your favorite story book character -AND bring the book to share!

November 1: Pajama Day!

November 11: Veteran's Day Assembly: All Veteran's are invited to attend