Top 10 Skills for Highschool


Do Your Work

Try your best to work efficiently in class, and hand in your homework on time. If you are given a chance to do homework in class, then take it! Then you won't have to go home with a stack of work to do.


The more you go to school the better of chances you have to graduate. Plus you won't miss out on anything such as learning about a coming up quiz and how to do your homework correctly.

Positive Attitude

Its good to have positive attitude so you aren't mad and then you don't do terrible on your work. With a happy attitude then you can focus better, and get through your day without too many problems.


Grades are the very thing we work on in school. Grades are important because they are the sum of our work and intelligence, if we get good grades then we know that our life is in order.


It's good to be social. School is filled with people, that you're going to be with through the years, so it's good to make at least a few friends to be with. Having social skills might also help when working with groups.

Healthy Habits

Exercise and nutrition helps your brain keep focus an be mentally prepared for any pop quiz or test. Also healthy habits help you with your physical performance as well.

Groups and Clubs

This goes along with being social, Clubs introduce you to new people were you can meet and become pals! Being in clubs and extra curriculum things also help with college.


Fun is the most important thing in high school. Beside all the drama and homework that goes with you in high school. Fun is there to balance it all, that way you aren't so stressed.

Note Taking

Notes in high school will basically be your biggest study guide. So become good at taking notes. It'll probably be hard to remember everything.