Voting Rights Act Of 1965

Basic Definition

This Program gives the african americans voting rights.

What does this program address?

It targets the african american and them being able to vote legally.

What does this program benifit?

Making african american's voting rights easier and simpler. Also Decreasing the wealth and education gap.

In what was was this program good/helpful/benificial?

It would give equality between the whites and the blacks. Also gave the africans a say in politics and woukld change the histoty of the african americans.

In what ways is this program bad/hurtful/wrong?

Many whites would not agree with it . Would cause arguments between both race.

What is YOUR opinion of the program? Why?

I believe it is beneficial. African Americans deservethe right to take part in politics. everyone deserve to be equal. They need to have a say. Not be set apart from everyone else. because they are people too.