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January 27th - January 31st



On behalf of the faculty and staff at Lee Middle School, I'd like to welcome you back to the School of Champions! It's going to be a fun and engaging new year as we continue to focus on empowering students to take charge of their education.
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Dress Code

As we return to school this second semester, please review our dress code county policy to ensure your child meets expectations. These guidelines can be found on our county website. We strive to make Lee Middle School the School of Champions in every respect, so thank you for your support regarding this matter.


Fun Run

East Coweta High School is hosting a fun run February 29th, 2020 from 9:00AM to 12:30PM. The run will include many of family-friendly activities; including face painting, a craft station, bubbles, bracelet making, and much more. ALL PROFITS from the run will go towards families in need of financial aid at East Coweta High School. You can register for the run on active.com by searching "East Coweta Fun Run". Registrations are $25.00 and include a t-shirt and "goodie bags" filled with coupons and gift cards from local stores. Please contact echsiccouncil@gmail.com with any questions. We hope to see you there!




Earn money for Lee Middle School

Some easy ways to help Lee Middle School earn money to put back into the students education.


Upcoming Events

Art club

Beta Club

Drama Club CANCELLED 1/21 only

FGE Club

Academic Bowl

Science Olympiad

Basketball Games:

Wednesday, January 22nd @ LEE

Friday, January 24th @ LEE





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Dropping Off Items for Your Child During the School Day

Dropping off Lunches or Medication: If a student forgets a lunch at home, parents may drop it off at the front office, and students will be called to pick up their lunch at the beginning of their scheduled lunch time. If a student needs medication, it can be dropped off at any time for the school nurse.

Dropping off Other Items:

Any other item dropped off for students during the school day may be picked up after school. Instruction will not be interrupted for students to pick up items during class. This includes forgotten homework, Chromebooks, shoes for PE, projects, etc. Students are responsible for bringing needed materials to class daily. If these items are brought to school during the day, we are happy to make an announcement at the end of the day for your child to pick them up in the front office.

Phone Use: Students are permitted to use a phone in the front office during school hours for emergencies or for illness. Calling home for homework, a school project, or to make arrangements to attend an after school event that wasn't previously arranged ties up phone lines and is not permitted. Students may call home if:

  1. There is a transportation issue,
  2. Lunch or lunch money is needed,
  3. Equipment is needed for after school athletics or activity.
  4. There is a dress code issue.
  5. The student is sick or needs medication (must call from the clinic under the nurse's supervision).

We appreciate your help in keeping interruptions to a minimum.


Free and Reduced Online Application

Just a reminder: Parents can apply directly online for free or reduced meals at: https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/COWC01


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