Remote Model of Learning


Class Adjustments

As we move through the remote model, expect some changes to your child's class schedule. Teachers are evaluating their classes and making adjustments to meet the needs of our home learners.

Moving toward Hybrid Learning

The governor and the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) announced that schools located within green counties with approved re-entry plans are good to open. Although RRVCS is located in a green county and has an approved re-entry plan, the governor and the NMPED did not share additional information that schools within the green counties must do before opening their doors in the hybrid model. RRVCS is working to meet these requirements and will revisit whether or not to move into the Hybrid Model after Fall Break.

The following information about PPE, filtration, and Screening must be considered before opening.

Attendance During Remote Learning

Attendance is vital to success of your child(ren). Pleas make sure to help your child(ren) access all live sessions. The NMPED continues to require that attendance be taken in all classes during the Remote Model. If your child misses a live session, he/she misses valuable teaching and instruction for success during this Remote Model timeframe. Teachers will provide a recording, but it is no substitute for the live class.

RRVCS continues to assess the situation and works to move to the Hybrid Model. Expect another update following Fall Break which is scheduled for Oct. 19-23.