Google Templates

The following templates are :

  • Free to use
  • Easy and simple to use
  • They have an elegant design with lost of open space to add your own content
  • They also have variations on the slide layouts
  • They allow you to add your own colour scheme

Keep in mind that these templates are among the best free templates you, teachers and educators, can use in your presentations. They are fetched from Microsoft Power Points Gallery which contains hundreds of templates. It would take you forever to see all of them. To save you time and energy here are some great templates to start with :

1- Chalkboard

This is one of templates you have probably see in many presentations online. It is great and has a neat design and a bunch of layouts.

2- Theme Gallery

This is another awesome template ideal for teachers use inside the classroom. It has a clean layout with a variety of slides to choose from. You can also choose your own colours to include.

3- Interactive Progress Meter

This template can be used for different reasons other than its primary purpose which is fund raising. Teachers can adapt it to some sort of course progress meter or as simple game-like measure.

4- Retro TV

This is a wonderful asset. It lets you place your own pictures and videos right behind the image of the television set.

5- Bull's Eye

This template is very simple and has a beatiful layout. What is even cool about it is the variety of bright colours it features for its users.

6- 10 Question Pop Quiz

This one comes with a classroom background slide. It is ideal for Power Point presentations.