Mars Eco Project

An Eco System On Mars?


An ecosystem Is A connected system of organisms and there environment, There are lots of ecosystems "what Ecosystem will be the best to put on mars?"

Rain Forest On Mars

In our opinion , A rain forest would be the best ecosystem on mars. We say that the rain forest ecosystem is the best because in the rain forest their are animals, water, and trees. Those three things are very important.

They are important because...

  • Animals- Animals are very important because, they provide food. If you live on mars you are going to need food and animals that live in the rain forest will provide food so you can live.
  • Water- Water is important because You use in many different ways. One way You can use and the most obvious way you can use water is drink it, You need to drink so you will live.
  • Tree- Trees are important because it can be a habitat for animals. A lot of the animals can fly or climb. Also most animals like birds and jaguars live in trees. Birds make nests and jaguars sleep on thick long branches.

Food Web

A food web is a system of interlocking food chains, so a rain forests' food web would be all of its food chains put together. For example, jaguars, parrots, tree frogs, kapok trees, palla trees and stilt palm trees wold all be involved in a rain forests' food web.

Where Rain Forest Are Located?

Rain forests on the earth are all over, these are the top 10 biggest...

  1. AMAZON, running through Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, in South America
  2. CONGO, in Central Africa
  3. VALDIVIAN TEMPERATE RAIN FOREST, in Chile and Argentina
  4. DAINTREE, in Queensland, Australia
  5. SOUTHEAST ASIAN, in southeast Asia
  6. TONGASS NATIONAL FOREST, in southeastern Alaska, the biggest in the United States
  8. SANTA ELENA CLOUD FOREST RESERVE, in Santa Elena, Costa Rica
  10. PACIFIC TEMPERATE, in North America

BY: Briana A