2016 Elementary Nationals Report!

Chess NYC Teams Shine Bright on the National Stage!

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2016 Nationals Report!

Chess NYC's Network of Schools enjoyed continued success @ The 2016 Elementary National Championships in Nashville Tennessee! Tireless preparation paid dividends for Individuals, Teams & their Coaches! Over 2250 Players from across the USA competed making it one of the largest Nationals in The United States Chess Federation history! Congratulations to Chelsea Prep/PS 33, PS 11, Lower Lab/PS 77, PS 59, YCS/PS 151 & all the other New York City schools and programs on a Job Well Done! Ever Forward!! #nycstrong


Chelsea Prep - PS 33

Chelsea Prep was one of a handful of schools in the USA that garnered Team Trophies in 4 separate National sections and for the 1st time in the Program's history, a Player posted an incredible, perfect 7-0 result!

Team Awards:

  • K/1 Championship - Top 25
  • K/3 U 800 - 5th Place
  • K/3 Championship - 11 Place
  • K/5 Championship - 8th Place

Individual Awards:

  • Andres Gonzalez - National Champion (K/3 U 800)
  • Sumit Dhar - 20th Place (K/5 Championship)
  • William Tse - 25th Place (K/3 Championship)

Lower Lab - PS 77

The Lower Lab Lions are K/1 National Champions! An incredible all around Team effort secured their 1st ever Elementary National Championship! Competing well in 3 other sections this Team established themselves as an ever emerging Strong National Competitor! (Lower Lab Wins Nationals - New York Times)

Team Awards:

  • K/1 Championship - National Champions!
  • K/3 Championship - 8th Place
  • K/3 U 800 - Top 20

Individual Awards:

  • Morgan Mairaj - 10th Place (K/1 Championship)
  • Royal Buchanan - 11th Place (K/1 Championship)
  • Noah Gillston 15th Place (K/1 Championship)
  • Sobel Gaudissard - 30th Place (K/1 Championship)
  • Benjamin Kwon - 30th Place (K/1 Championship)
  • Ellyssan Park - 30th Place (K/3 U 800)

Beekman Hill International - PS 59

Their 1st ever National Competition saw 9 Students from PS 59 claim a Top 10 Team Finish! The players worked extremely hard all season and really gelled as a team to make this all possible! The future for this Program is very Bright!

Team Awards:

  • K/5 U 900 - Top 10

Individual Awards:

  • Amelia Camilleri - 41st Place K/5 U 900
  • Cael Kinney - 45th Place K/5 U 900

Chelsea ChessMates - PS 11

With most of our Championship Team off on their annual, 4th grade class, school trip, PS 11's youngest Players stepped up and represented themselves well! Many playing in their 1st National Competition ever, The Team competed well enough to claim both Team and Individual, National recognition! The Chelsea ChessMates are here to stay!!

Team Awards:

  • K/3 U 800 - 12th Place

Individual Awards:

  • Nathaniel Mullodzhanov - 7th Place K/1 Championship
  • Theo Swain-Harding - 2nd Place K/3 Unrated

  • Roger Carasso - 22nd Place K/3 U 800

Y.C.S - PS 151

YCS/PS151's 1st National Ever was a memorable one! With only a handful of official Team Members this time, the team battled hard all weekend and even picked up National Individual recognition along the way! Well done Y.C.S! On to next year!!

Individual Awards:

  • Daniel Shaw - 45th Place K/5 U 900

Weekend Chess Meets! Rated & Unrated Play

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2016 Summer Chess NYC Fun & Training Camps!

About Chess NYC Fun & Training Camps:

Manhattan - Brooklyn - Hamptons

Chess NYC's policy of "Chess Should be Fun" truly prevails for these cool days of camp! From Chess Leaders to Grand Master, this Camp is sure to captivate, motivate and generate chess players. Each child will receive as much chess time as they like while enjoying mind clearing fun, cooling and break opportunities.

Overflowing with supervision, special attention to those with greater commitment levels to Chess, as well as those who need an extra boost are a few of the advantages of this (Chess) Fun! That and great play send Campers home well rounded, effective Chess Players. While 3 hours of Chess activities are threaded through each full 8 hour day for every Camper, led by Chess NYC's Championship Coaching Staff (Nationals Champions) that's just the beginning of these great Fun & Training Camps! Outdoor fun, water play, sports and other activities thrill (coax where necessary) and prepare attendees for the next upcoming Chess activities.

While Chess is always available (and of course encouraged) and our extreme young, chess enthusiasts play and learn even more (some of our kids are very, very advanced) the alternative, FUN activities, Pizza and Ice Cream etc. ensures they'll ALL keep coming back! From absolute beginners to advanced players, Chess NYC's philosophy is to engage each child on their individual level and appetite to play. This approach successfully minimizes resistance and maximizes progress and...as a result...everyone associates Chess with Fun! At the end of a great day they've had @ least 3 hours of Chess!...a week 15 hours...A month 60 hours! Our talented, excited and eager team is ready to share the love of the game every moment possible and they love doing so!

LOCATIONS (Click Below):

  • Upper East Side | PS 183, E 67th, York/1st
  • Chelsea | Chelsea Prep, 281 9th Avenue
  • Greenwich Village | Zinc, 82 West 3rd Street
  • Greenpoint Brooklyn | 155 Milton Street
  • Hamptons | Children's Museum East End, Bridgehampton

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