How Gum is Made

By: Brayden Carrick


Have you ever wondered where gum comes from? Well if you want to know read more to find out.


Well gum will start as rubbers and they get melted together. It is shipped in huge globs of gum in a truck. Last of all they put coloring and favoring in.


First double bubble gum get's squeezed out a sun shaped machine hole. Wall other types of gum flattened or shaped. Next they all get chopped to bite sized pieces. after that their put in the cooling chamber. They are put in rappers with a clamping machine.


After it is cooled its packed in boxes with gum in side and shipped to the stores.Poeple will usually buy gum so they have something to chew on. It can also be used for art and sculptures.

Fun Facts

Here is some facts that don't fit in the other categories. Gum is originally made from tree resin but now they use rubbers and plastics. The native americans introduced gum to the americans. Chewing gum is a sweetened, flavored confection.


Now you know how the chewy product is made. Go chew some up!
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