Miss.Maudie, the Gardener

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By:Connie and Trenon

Her Opinions

Miss. Maudie has close relationships with the Finch family. To Jem and "scout", she is sort of a mentor to them and treats them like her friends. She can be snappy but gives them both very valuable lessons. Jem and Scout count Miss Maudie as a friend because, unlike most adults, she treats them with respect. but does not approve of the ridiculous rumors of the Radley family and sets them straight with the real facts, unlike the ones the children heard from Miss.Stephanie Crawford. Miss. Maudie seems to be very close with their father, Atticus. They act very jokingly around one another and seem to have known each other very well for a long time. Like herself, Atticus is very smart and intellectual. She thinks he is a good man and father. Scout told her once the advice she had gotten from her father "Atticus said,"If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you'll get along with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you see things from their point of view

Student Response: Why does Harper Lee include Miss Maudie as a main character in the novel?

Harper Lee includes Miss Maudie in her novel because without her, the story would be more down and upsetting. But with Miss Maudie, she plays a role of a mentor to Scout and adds on to the interesting events that occur throughout the story