Paxton's Paws

LJHS 8th grade English Language Arts

Welcome to Lincoln Junior High School!!

  • You will be attending the best junior high school in the state of Arkansas.
  • We are going to learn so much and have so much fun!
  • This will be your best year yet!!

Supplies Needed for a Great Year:

  • You may have an "A" Day or "B" Day binder that includes a section for English class.
  • Loose leaf paper is a must!
  • Blue or black ink pens, pencils, post-it notes, and highlighters (y, g, b, p) will be needed to complete classwork.
  • A composition book for journaling will be required (due by Sept. 6)

You should ALWAYS have a self-selected novel to read independently. (assignments for these will pop up!) Other texts provided to you will be assigned to be read outside of class.