A Very Important Day

By: Abigail G.

Interview with Nelia and Her Very Important Day

Question- Nelia how long have you been waiting for this Very Important Day?

Nelia- I've waited so long I can't even remember but I know that I woke up at three in the morning.

Question- How excited were you when you were an official citizen of the United States?

Nelia- I was so excited that I cried happy tears.

Question- Where did you used to live?

Nelia- I used to live in the Philippines.

Question- Was it hot there?

Nelia- Yes

Question-Was your brother excited?

Nelia- Yeas he was so excited that he opened the window and threw the snowball at me but my dad told him to stop at that moment. He also said that my brother would make the house colder.

Question- Were you nervous in the ceremony?

Nelia- Kind of but I was very happy.

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Article About Nelia

Nelia was very excited on her Very Important Day. She woke up early in the morning. Her brother woke up to and her parents were drinking coffee. Nelia was very happy when the ceremony was over! Nelia and her family was very happy about the Very Important Day to become a citizen of the United States! She also lived somewhere hot where it doesn't snow.