By: Daayem Ali & Talha Kahloan

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Drug Description

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that comes from morphine, which can be injected or smoked. It acts like a painkiller and stimulates your brain so you feel more happy and excited. This drug comes from the opium poppy flower, the “sap” is extracted from the flower and ends up becoming the drug. This drug can be snorted, inhaled and injected into your body.
(Tasian, 2016,1)

Other Names/ Street Names for Heroin

Other names for Heroin include;


-Brown Crystal

-Mexican Mud



-Brown Sugar


Legal Status & Consequences

Like most drugs, it is illegal to buy, sell or use heroin in Canada.

If caught in possession with Heroin you could be sent to jail for 6 months to 1 year with up to $2000 fine. The maximum penalty is 7 years.

If caught importing/exporting or producing heroin: life imprisonment.

Statistics in Canada

Heroin is not a problem for teens in Canada, the statistics for heroin usage is very low for teens. Less then 1% of all the drug charges in Canada involved heroin. (Canadian Statistics, 2015, 1)This percent includes all ages, the percent for teens is unknown, but if it is 1% for all ages, the portion of teens using this drug must be low. Heroin is also the 3rd most used drug for teens in Canada, ranging from ages 13 to 19 years old. (Canadian Statistics, 2015, 1)This statistic is only including drugs that are injected into your body.