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Kindergarten-3rd grade

We had a great time letting our creative juices flow! We played a brainstorming game we called Black Out with all of the superpowers we could think of for 3 minutes. We categorized those into at least 3 different categories we chose as a group. In 1st-3rd, we created a unique creature or object that had a superpower. We illustrated the creature or object and wrote a detailed description of it. In groups, we combined our ideas into one creature or object. They did an amazing job working together!

4th/5th- To Tell the Truth Reader's Theatre

We brainstormed names of famous Americans by also playing Black Out. Then we categorized those people into categories that we chose. From that list, we agreed on a famous American to research in groups. We made a list of 7 questions and began finding those answers. We want to have a chance to finish and perform by the end of the year!

The end result for all groups will be a skit where the audience has to find out who was telling the truth about being the "real" famous person. Watch the video we watched in class to see how it all comes out!

Rosa Parks - To Tell the Truth (1980)

Field Trip 1st-5th

WIN students in grades 1st-5th grade will be traveling to the Perot Museum this Tuesday! Each child will need a sack lunch that can be thrown away and wear some sort of Little Elm shirt. Chavez will load the bus and leave at 8:10. If you are late, we will not be able to wait for you. We have a tight schedule to make it to other campuses! Brent will load the bus and leave at 8:20. Volunteers are not permitted to ride the bus. You will receive a separate email with details and should meet us at the Perot Museum by 9:30. Let me know if you have any questions. I can't wait!

Roxanne Clark

Gifted and Talented Specialist

Brent Elementary

Chavez Elementary

Please contact me with any questions you have. I am here to help and support you and your gifted learner!