Lakeside Elementary

October 5, 2022


The end of the first nine weeks is upon us. Some days seems long but then you blink and realize you have hit a milestone. Thank you for such a great start to the year.

Here are some important reminders for this week and next:

This Thursday, we will have an early release day.

  • Elementary dismissal will take place at 12:30pm. CISD buses will run on an earlier dismissal route. Please be prepared for an earlier bus drop-off or car loop pick-up. If your child goes to a daycare afterschool, please make sure that they plan to pick them up or receive your child earlier than they usually do.

This Friday, school will NOT be in session due to Conference Day

  • The Lakeside team is looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's beginning of the year data and to set goals for the remainder of the year. Please remember that conferences are only 20 minutes long and are often times scheduled back to back. Please help our educators stay on schedule.

On Monday the 10th, Lakeside will be completely closed

  • This is a staff and student holiday. Please enjoy the long weekend.

On Friday the 14th, student report cards will be shared

  • Please keep your eyes open for your child's report and please take some time to celebrate your child's successes thus far this year.

News you can use

Spirit Rally Odds and Ends

We will hold two spirit rallies this Thursday.

  • Our PK rally will begin at 8:15am and end at 8:30am. Adults that received an invitation to the rally (meaning that their family member is getting an award) will be able to enter/sign in at 8:10am.
  • Our K-5 rally will begin at 8:40 am and end at 9:30am. Adults that received an invitation to the rally (meaning that their family member is getting an award) will be able to enter/sign in at 8:30am.
  • Adult seating will be on each side of the gym. Our bleachers and the area in front of the bleachers is reserved for our learners.
  • We will provide a photo opportunity at the end of our rallies.

  • Car Loop and Morning Arrival Reminders
  • The instructional day begins at 7:40am.

    • Any child not in the classroom at 7:40am will be marked tardy.
    • We have had an increase of students pulling into the car loop at 7:40am. This makes those kids tardy.
    Please plan to arrive and drop-off your children by 7:35am so they have time to get to class. The safety patrol and adult helpers will be entering the building at 7:38am as they all have classroom responsibilities to attend to. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Car Loop Safety

    Please help us keep our loops running in a safe and efficient matter by:

    • refraining from cell phone use,
    • maintaining an appropriate speed, and
    • using our cross walk especially during our arrival and dismissal periods.

    Do you have a 2nd grader that can exit the car and close the car door on their own?

    • If so, you may want to use the cafeteria loop which often times moves quicker but has minimal adult assistance.

    Help for the Holidays

    We have partnered with local agencies to provide support for families in need. If you and your family are in need please feel free to contact our nurse, Tyler Chapman so he can connect you with the best program. His email is:

    Lakeside will be having our first Cultural Night on November 3rd, 2022 at 5:30pm.

    First Semester Lunch with your Longhorn dates are:

    • October 14, 21, 28
    • November 4, 11, 18
    • December 2
    • Here is a link to our registration document. Our document will close each Thursday at 8am and reopen each Monday.


    Thank you to our PTO partners and the many volunteers that help make events at Lakeside successful and fun for our kids!

    Want to be a future volunteer?

    Please make sure you have your up to date email in Lakeside PTO membership toolkit and are opted in to receive the emails from grade level parent team.

    Big picture

    Upcoming Dates - Year at a Glance:

    Upcoming Dates - Year at a Glance

    (dates/events may be subject to change)

    Upcoming Dates (may be subject to change)

    The CISD Calendar for the 22-23 school year is posted on the CISD website.


    6) Early Release Day 12:30pm dismissal

    7) No School - Elementary Conference Day (information coming soon)

    10) No School

    11) Spirit Night at JCs

    13) 2nd grade field trip to Casa Manana

    24) Happy Diwali and Red Ribbon Week Walk

    27) Third grade program (5:30)


    3) Lakeside Cultural Fair (5:30)

    • Fall picture day

    7) PTO Meeting at 5:30pm

    8) Voting at Lakeside

    14-18) Lakeside Book Fair Week

    21-25) Thanksgiving Week - No School


    8) Fifth grade program (5:30)

    9) Early Release Day 12:30pm dismissal

    14) Picture Retakes

    16) Early Release Day 12:30pm dismissal


    2) No School

    3) First Day Back

    16) No School

    23) PTO Meeting (8:00am)

    26) Second grade program (5:30)

    28) Lakeside Carnival (Saturday)


    16) Spring Picture Day

    17) No School - Professional Learning Day

    20) Bad Weather Day - Subject to change


    2) Fourth grade program (5:30)

    6-8) Allaso Trip for 5th grade

    9) Open House (5:30)

    10) Early Release Day 12:30pm dismissal

    13-17) Spring Break Week

    23) 4th grade Austin Trip

    31) Fairy Tale Ball (Kindergarten Program - 8:30am)


    3) PTO Meeting at 5:30pm

    7) Bad Weather Day - Subject to change

    10) No School

    19) STAAR - No Visitors on Campus

    25) STAAR - No visitors on Campus

    28) Lakeside Stampede (5:30)


    2) STAAR - No visitors on campus

    25) 5th grade Graduation & Celebration

    26) Last Day

    • 5th grade walk
    • Early Release Day at 12:30pm