Christie Newsletter

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed

May 31st - June 3rd

Our Mission & Vision

to build a positive learning environment where ALL students are successful & create a positive and successful community of learners.
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EOY Updates

Important Reminders:

  • Roll up Carpets for Summer Cleaning
  • Place furniture in the corner of your classroom
  • Empty contents of fridge
  • Remove ALL open snacks
  • DO NOT put books or materials in the bookroom or common spaces

Important Dates & Events

Tuesday, May 31st, Robin's Retirement Party

Wednesday, June 1st, Staff Meeting

Thursday, June 2nd, Bike to School Day

June 2nd, Send home Summer School tags

Friday, June 3rd, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - 5th grade send off

****This week we also will be prepping/completing:

  • Summer School send off
  • SSI EOY Letters for 4th Grade
  • GPC Meetings (scheduling today when we get our data in)

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