Welcome to Ellie's Open House

Mrs. Smith 6th Grade Earth Science

Earthquake PBL Project

The purpose of this project is to build a safe and sutible home. The driving question is : How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house for Tony Stark? My design for Tony Dtark used toothpicks that stuck to the concrete floor. I also had toothpicks on the edges that to support the walls. I learned that when constructing or finding a house, saftey comes first. You must find if there are a lot of secure points to keep you safe in your home.

30 Hand Project

In the 30 Hand project, I learned all about global warming and that we have to do all we can to prevent our Earth from worsening. I enjoyed making the picollages for the 30 Hands app and making the script. I got to use my creativitey and imagination for the project.

Paragraph #1 Invention Convention

Our innovation solves the problem of using batteries that will leak. Instead, we use solar power. The solar panels our placed on our backpack, which turns the turbine, which powers the generator which give engery to suck in gases. Those gases are then produced into oxygen for you to breath on a hike up a mountain.

EC: Favorite Unit

One of my favorite units in science is the atmosphere. I liked the fact that it related to space and also of all the affects it does to our Earth. I learned that the atmosphere protects our earth from Earth's direct atmosphere. My favorite activity was the Peardeck, where we took notes and answered question the fun way by a presentation.
Embeded link on top includes Earthquke PBL project Video and and the full 30 Hands Video.