From Your Principal

August 20, 2021


Assessment Days - Coming Soon

Friday, August 27 and Monday, August 30 are assessment days at Stott. Students will come to school from either 8:30-11 or 12-2:30 on one day only. You should have already signed up for your child's slot through a Sign-Up Genius link. If you don't remember signing up or don't remember which time your child should attend, please reach out to their teacher directly.

On assessment days, teachers will conduct one on one reading assessments to determine student needs as we start the school year. It is very important that your child attends this assessment time.

All students will enter through the main doors on assessment days. Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade will head to the gym to wait to be called to class by their teacher. Students in grades 2-5 will report directly to their classrooms.


Peanut Free School

At Stott, we have several students with severe peanut allergies. The allergies are severe enough that simply being in a room with a peanut product can cause an anaphylactic reaction. As such, we are a peanut-free school. Please do not send any snacks or lunches with peanuts or peanut butter. Sunbutter, and almond butter, and other alternatives are fine. Thank you for your support as we work to keep all of our students safe.


How Is Your Student Feeling About Returning to School?

We will have social and emotional support at Stott to help students transition back into the school year.

We would love to hear how your student is feeling about coming back to school. We have created this short google form for parents and guardians to complete to let us know how your student is doing so that we can follow up as needed.

Click on the link below to fill out the form:

Please don’t hesitate to email, call or text our Social Emotional Learning Specialist at:

720-689-5559 (work google voice call/text)


Breakfast at Stott

All Stott students are welcome to have breakfast at Stott free of charge. Breakfast starts at 8:00 and we stop serving at 8:20, so that students can make it to class on time for the start of school. If you would like your student to have breakfast at school, please try to have them arrive at school as close to 8:00 as possible. We don't want anyone to be hungry and miss breakfast because they were late. All students arriving for breakfast should enter through the doors by the music room on the southeast corner of the building.

Students not having breakfast will need to wait until 8:15 to enter the building.


Picture Day is Coming!

At Stott, we use a local photographer, Bloom Portraits, for school pictures. They do a great job and take their time getting a great picture of all of our students. They want to use the pretty morning light and get pictures of students before they are ruffled from a full day of learning. As such, we have picture day split by grade level on three different days.

Everyone will have their picture taken, whether they are registered or not, but if you register ahead of time you will get more poses to choose from. Head to Stott's Picture Day Dashboard (see below) to register and find information about dates and past galleries.

Stott's Picture Day Dashboard:

We are scheduled for the following dates:

Tuesday, August 31st (Staff, PreK-1st)
Wednesday, September 1st (Grades 2nd-3rd)
Thursday, September 2nd (Grades 4th-5th)

RETAKES: Thursday, October 14th


No Dogs at School

We know that many of our students have amazing dogs at home however, they are not allowed on school grounds even if leashed. Please keep Fido and Fluffy at home or in the car. Even the very best behaved animals can react in surprising ways when they are surrounded by students during the beginning or end of day rush.


Please Label All Belongings

We are having some trouble (especially with our youngest students) misplacing items or not remembering what they look like. That cute purple lunch box that you got for your kindergartener may look identical to two or three other student's lunch boxes. It would help our staff tremendously if you can label all backpacks, lunch boxes, coats etc with your child's name. This way when there is a heated discussion about who it belongs to, we can quickly and easily help them solve the problem.


Birthday Policy

We know our students get very excited to celebrate their birthday, and it is a special occasion! However, as part of the Jeffco Healthy Schools Initiative, we do not allow families to bring treats to school to celebrate birthdays. Teachers will make sure to celebrate students' birthdays in the classroom in a special way, with a non-food treat.

Also, we cannot pass out birthday party invitations unless they go to everyone in the class. It is too disruptive to the learning environment to have students worrying about who will or won't be invited to a party and causes many hurt feelings. Thank you for honoring this.


Upcoming Important Dates

August 27 - Assessment Day K-5; Students come by appointment only

August 30 - Assessment Day K-5; Students come by appointment only

August 31 - PK-1st Grade School Pictures

August 31 - PTSA Meeting 6:00pm, Stott Library

September 1 - 2nd and 3rd Grade pictures

September 2 - 4th and 5th Grade Pictures


Updated School Calendar

Please bookmark the calendar below. It will be updated throughout the year.