Pepper Drive Family News

October 28, 2022

Next Week is Red Ribbon Week

Next week is Red Ribbon Week at Pepper Drive. Every year, we celebrate healthy, drug-free lifestyles during Red Ribbon Week. Our students can choose to participate in fun dress-up days throughout the week. Remember, our focus is always on learning, so costumes and outfits cannot cause distractions from that purpose.
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Costume Guidelines

Monday 10/31 will be the first day of Red Ribbon Week and students will be allowed to wear costumes to school, with limitations:

  • No masks
  • Face paint must not cover more than 1/2 of face
  • No Blood or fake blood
  • No weapons or fake weapons, this includes fire fighter axes and ninja stars
  • No inflatables AT ALL
  • Must be school appropriate attire (no spaghetti straps, offensive language or implications, no gang affiliation, crop tops, etc).
  • Hats must still be removed indoors
  • Costume wigs are allowed on this day only
  • Wonder if your costume is okay? Ask!
  • Bring a change of clothes-costumes are usually hot and uncomfortable. They rarely make it through the entire day.

Please start reviewing this information now, and encourage your children to ask questions, so we don't have any confusion on the day.

Dressing up is not mandatory for any school spirit days. When people do dress up, it takes a lot of courage and vulnerability. Nobody should be made fun of for a costume, or made to feel bad for showing school spirit. Calling a costume "trash" does not show empathy or teamwork. Let's all encourage positivity and kindness during spirit days (and every day) at Pepper Drive.

Tiger Pumpkin Carving Stencil

This Tiger stencil is from the World Wildlife Fund

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Join PTA

We surpassed our goal of 300 members, so Mrs. Bradbury will be launched into space (the roof) next month!

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NO Phone Zone

Remember that cell phones cannot be on or out during school. Remind your student that cell phone are allowed to be on campus, but only inside of backpacks WHILE OFF. Cell phones should not be taken to the restroom, used to take photos on campus, or in student hands while inside the school gates. Students know where the "Phone Zones" are, but may need a reminder: the phone zone is only OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL GATES.

Blue Family Information Forms

As you may or may not know, State funding for our school district is partially determined by the income levels of parents in the community. For example, Pepper Drive School receives between $150,000 and $200,000 yearly from Title I funding based on the completion of these forms. You can help us maintain or potentially increase the funding we receive to educate your child(ren) by completing either an application for free or reduced priced meals OR an alternative income form, which we call the Annual Family Information Form. The first class to have 100% of forms completed and turned in will get an extra recess with Mrs. Bradbury!

If you HAVE NOT submitted a meal application for your child(ren) this year, please help us by completing either the on-line form, which can be accessed by clicking HERE, or by completing the blue paper form which was sent home with your student(s) today.

In order for your form to be used for calculating State funding, it must be submitted on-line, or be received at the school, no later than October 31, 2022.

Thank you for your assistance with this important matter.

Update from the Library

Dear Pepper Drive Families,

I have been blessed to work in the Santee School District for over 20 years and have truly loved every minute of it. I have enjoyed sharing the love of reading with your children and watching them grow. They have touched my heart forever.
But now it’s time for me to start a few new chapters in my life: being a grandparent, spending more time with family, traveling with my husband and sleeping in.
I thank you all for the incredible 20 years of moments and memories that I will take with me.

Mrs. Reyes

Mrs. Reyes has made an incredible impact here at our school site. She has kept our school library filled with updated books, promoted book drives and book fairs to get books in the hands of students, and helped us get our school book vending machine. She is an asset to teachers seeking reference materials, has been a kind and smiling face for struggling readers and has opened the library doors to any students needing a quiet sanctuary on campus. Her last day of work will be the last day before Winter Break. If Mrs. Reyes has positively impacted your child's time at Pepper Drive, you have time to drop off a kind note or stop by the library to thank her and congratulate her on her retirement.

7th Grade Science

Mrs. Sparley's class built catapults or sling shots to launch a wooden ball 12 feet into a 13 foot safe zone. They used their problem solving skills to save stranded explorers by launching supplies across a ravine due to a bridge collapse.


Thank you for all your generous sock donations! We even received packages of socks sent directly from Amazon! We are so proud to offer clean, warm socks to 500 pairs of feet this winter. These donations will be delivered to the East County Transitional Living Center next week. Socks (and underwear) are the most requested, least donated items in shelters. Currently, there are almost 200 children living at the Transitional Living Center.

Spirit Day

On Fridays, we wear red to show our school spirit. This week's winning classes, with the highest percent of students in Tiger spirit wear are as follows:

Mrs. Shepard's Class (6th Grade All of October!)

Mrs. Childress's Class (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Roehr's Class (3rd Grade)

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TIGER Expectations - Basketball

This week, your student(s) continued to learn about how the TIGER traits are shown during recess. This week, our focus was on showing the TIGER traits while playing basketball.
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Upcoming Dates


10/28 PTA Trick or Treat From Your Seat event

10/31-11/4 Red Ribbon Week


11/2 PTA "Stoves on Strike" Fundraiser @ Chipotle

11/11 Veteran's Day (No School)

11/17 Make-It, Take-It Behavior Support Workshop for Parents (see PHP flyer below)

11/14-11/17 Minimum Days (release @ 1:05)

11/21-11/25 Fall Break (No School)

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