Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky 1840-1893

Nadya Sivaslian

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Tchaikovsky's early lifetime

Even though there is not much information about Tchaikovsky we know that his father and mother were Ilya Petrovich and Alexandra, second wife. In his early years they lived in a bright yellow mansion on the forth hills of the Urals in Votkinsk, Russia. His family was very rich at that time and they hosted musical soirees. Sadly Alexandra wasn't welcomed in the Tchaikovsky family, she had a hard time keeping track of the Votkinsk family and was not given hugs, kisses, nor any thing like that. Tchaikovsky had six brothers and sister both from to mothers.
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Votkinsk, Russia

This is the birth and start of Tchaikovsky's musical entertainment life. He grew to love music with all his heart. Here many of his family members were talented in music and they hosted musical entertainment called soirees. Alexandra his mother hosted it for the family making them very musical. Here he was educated by Fanny Dürback, a French gifted governess. She helped him learn very well without going to school.
P. I. Tchaikovsky - Ballet "Swan Lake" (excerpts), Op. 20 (Fedoseyev)

Swan Lake

At first swan lake did not get off into a good start. The dancers complained that some of the score was too difficult and that the whole production was at low quality. for years the interest into doing the ballet was not available till after Tchaikovsky's death at 1877. Many say the music is hauntingly beautiful.

Tchaikovsky's other music

Tchaikovsky wrote many pieces of music i will only say the most popular. The 4th Symphony, Piano Concerto 1, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, Nutcracker Suite are all oh his most famous pieces. Swan Lake was one of the most interesting stories that are behind the music. Swan Lake was not as high as it was when it started. The ballet dancers said it was hard to dance to the music and that the production was in low quality. The music was ignored on until Tchaikovsky died and then people were interested in doing the production.

His Legacy

Tchaikovsky lived a full life to the living years back then, but his life was to be miserable. Tchaikovsky never got married nor even got to the point of getting married because his relationships never turned out good. He withstand the tough relationships and still made very famous music for plays and ceremonies that were outstanding. It was unbelievable that he could work i the hard lifetime he had, but he did what needed to happen to be successful.


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