Wayfinder SEL

Osborne County Schools K-12 SEL Curriculum

USD 392 is pleased to announce the adoption of Wayfinder SEL Curriculum!

Wayfinder was built upon leading research showing that students who experience belonging and purpose are better able to thrive in and out of school. This K-12 program delivers all the tools needed to easily integrate lifelong skill sets in the classroom while positively impacting areas that matter.

Big picture
Big picture

Wayfinder’s research-backed Core Skills go beyond typical Social Emotional Learning competencies to incorporate meaning-making, critical thinking, and future-ready skills in order to connect classroom learning to the real world. They align with CASEL's evidence-based SEL framework.

These lessons are designed to assist students in creating lifelong skills necessary to be successful in both the classroom and life. Guiding students to prepare for skills that will help them with anything from relationships with classmates to college and career readiness. Employers are looking for employees who have strong communication, collaboration and self management skills. We at USD 392 believe in preparing each student for lifelong success!