Rise of The Aztec

By Apbolina P Guzman

What Happened to The Aztec Civillzation?

The First Euopean to vist mexico was fransico Hernandez de cordoba who arrived in Yucation from Cuba with 3 ship full of 300 men in the early 1517. Cordobars reported back on his return in cuba prompted the Spanish Governor to send a big force to mexico under Henan Cortes commaned in march 1519. So they overthrew the aztec by force and captured them witch in Tenochtitlan 1521 there ciivillation were all gone.

Who were the Aztec people?

Aztec people were certain ethic groups of central mexico and particulary those groups who spoke the nahuatal lauguage and who dominated large parts of Mesoamerioa from the 14th to the 16th centuries.The Aztec people were best known for builders of an Empire that swifliy fell under.The people did become more poweful by demandeing payment or tributes.