In Otter News

March 2022

Indian Creek Elementary is committed to joyfully teaching the hearts and minds of all learners through dedication, perseverance, and good teaching practices.

Music in Our Schools and Read Week

This month is Music in Our Schools and we are highlighting the musical talents and experiences of our staff each morning. The students enjoy hearing about their teacher's hidden talents! We will also be having Read Week March 14th-18th. We will have daily dress-up days, guest readers, mystery readers, family reading activities, and lots of fun reading activities! We also will have the books that students earned through our Book Blast fundraiser going home that week.

End of Trimester 2

We just completed our second trimester! That means we are two-thirds of the way through our school year! Report cards will be sent home on March 11th via email. We are so proud of all that our students have learned so far this year and look forward to seeing them continue to grow. They have been working hard!

No School

There is no school March 21st-25th for spring break. Students will return to school on March 28th.

PTA News

Our PTA will be meeting on Thursday, March 10th at 3:45 at Indian Creek Elementary in Rm. 18. Any parents are welcome to join us for these meetings.

PTA is working on our upcoming school carnival that will be held on April 29th. They would appreciate all the help they can get for this event!

Help Us Stock the Lounge!

Our staff have been working hard all year long! Help us stock the lounge with drinks and snacks so they can enjoy their day a little bit more! If you would like to donate towards this, feel free to bring the items to the front office. Thank you in advance!


Soda, Water, Juice, Tea, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Goldfish, Dried Fruit, Chocolate, Popcorn, Chips, Crackers, Beef Jerky, Fruit, Etc.

Friendly Reminders

Student Drop-Off Time: Please remember that children are to not be dropped off before 8:30. There is no adult supervision until this time and the school doors do not open until this time.

Kindergarten Registration: If you have a child that will be attending kindergarten in the fall, please register them for kindergarten. There is a link on our website or on the district website to register your child. Kindergarten Open House will be on April 20th.

Drop-Off and Pick-up Area

Please, please, please make sure that you are watching the car in front of you and pulling all the way forward when you are dropping off and or picking up your child. Remember, if you need to help your child get out of the car or will take more than a minute for them to get out, use our parking lot or outside lane in the mornings. In the afternoons, please do not get out of your car if you are using the pick-up lanes. A staff member will bring your child to the car for you.