Computer components

By Georgina Farmer

Mother board

The motherboard is the main circuit board inside your PC, it connects your CPU, RAM, disk drives and graphics / sound cars.

There is no moving parts in the motherboard so it isn't something that will need replacing every couple months. An easy way to describe the motherboard would be like say it looks like a city and they have electrical pathways for the highways and streets.

If you have ever opened a machine that has had an excessive amount of dust in it around the fan, the motherboard fan will be similar to that but a lot less dust.

The motherboard is made up of many different components and they are all fixed in to the motherboard so you cant take them out and replace them. You don't even have to clean the motherboard because there is a cooling fan which will basically do it for you.

The motherboard

What Is A Motherboard?

Alan Turing

Alan was the inventor of computers (The godfather of computing) He went to Kings College in Cambridge and was really good at maths and science.

He then went on the making a computer that could crack the German code this meant that the war was shortened by two years because of his genius ideas, this made him the maker of computers.

Sir Tim Berners-lee

He was the first man to create the World wide web, he was given a knighthood by the Queen in 2004.

He was also honored an award in the 2012 Olympics for all his amazing work in inventing the world wide web.

History of the Internet
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