By: Caden Lindner

Prediction on your dragster

I think that the car will curve because the wheels will be bent a little bit. I don't think that the car will go slower because the wheels will rub against the wood and it will slow the car down even though the wheels should be away from the wood it will probably work it's way towards the wood.

Negative impacts for my car

  • Cut in to far on one side
  • Moves to the right
  • Wheels wobble

How fast do you think your car will go?

I think it will go about 2-3 mph because of the way it turns right and the tires wobble a lot.


  • I think that the way it was designed was the best because it was a good overall design.
  • I enjoyed the races because it was fun launching the cars.
  • i think that it could cut better because the saw cut into far.
  • My least favorite part was reserch.