Fun new toy Fun for everyone!

If you want fun come and check out the Ball.

The ball a brand new toy fun for eveyone

Yesterday I went to the release of the ball and there were heaps of types like the Netball, the Basketball and the Soccer ball just to name a few. The Netball is used in a netball game, the Basketball is used in a basketball game and the Soccer ball is used in a soccer game. There is a ball for basically ever ball game. The ball comes in all different shapes and sizes. No matter how old you are you came use a ball to play catch or markers up and heaps more. The ball is manly round but can be different shapes. I really like this invention because if you get bored you can just get a ball and though it a wall. The ball is a great toy it also helps little kids develops skills by toughing and catching. The ball is a great toy for all ages. At the release yesterday they showed a couple of things you can do with a ball. I like the netball and basketball the best because I play both the sports. I really liked the way they showed how to use all the different types and how many brands there are it is really good. I wonder how long it took to get the presentation ready it would of taken me a long time. I had an interview with the inventor and she said " I am amazed at who big the ball is it is really exiting that is already a hit I'm so happy that everyone like it". I was lucky enough to interview some kids who won free passes to go and look at how the ball is made. One said " It was loud but it was so cool I couldn't believe how many different types there were"