Inquiry - our progress

From Tues 11 February 2014

Thanks to staff who shared after this session...

Hi everyone - hope you found Tuesday's time productive and helpful.

I hope it's valuable to see the thinking of others, the dilemmas of others, others' journals, entries and styles, and later, how we are gathering data to show our progress.

Importantly, understand and remember that we will all be at different stages of the process, at any one time - and that is okay!!

Dan & Bruce - How does the physical environment of our classrooms affect student engagement?

Bruce and I will communicate in full with students why we are doing this and what the meaning behind it is.

We also would like them to be the architect of the first room.

At this stage we are thinking, every 4 weeks, 2 cycles we will change the lay out of the room and at every change collect feedback from students through surveys or interview

Dionne - still refining ideas

Discussion with Joel today about resources related to my initial ideas. Will need a conversation with one of planning team perhaps next week to help me firm up my thinking

Natalie K - What evidence of student learning can we use to better facilitate the development of creativity in the Visual Arts Cclm

Peter A & Tina - Ipads in classrooms

Can an iPaD replace our Macbooks

Maths Dept - defining and implementing inquiry in Maths

Today we spent some time defining what we mean by inquiry in maths. This will be an ongoing discussion.

We also have selected a Unit of work each (a unit that we will teach later in the year) that we will spend some time working on with a view to adding more inquiry style teaching. (We will do this in pairs).

We did not start working on individual units yet, but we brainstormed ideas for particular teaching topics as well as sharing any websites we could think of where we can find more inquiry style ideas.

We will start working on individual units next time, but before we meet I will try to find some more diverse ideas of what could be included in a definition of sound inquiry.

Detailed notes on who is doing what and with whom:

Collection of website references:

Have you......

  • added your inquiry focus to the googledoc?
  • identified your group members on the googledoc?
  • started documenting your learning and thinking?

What questions do you have?

Please email them to me or any of the planning group - Brian, Adrian, Sue, Maria, Dion or Flora