Free Enterprise

Fatima Lindero

Free Enterprise

The benefits are they let you be free on your creativity. And everything you get it's what you earn.They allow private businesses and the government only steps in if its a protection and or safety reason.


  • The government won't help you unless if it's for protection or for safety reasoning.
  • They also think everything you get its what you earned.
  • Allows Private company's
  • Main characteristic is Market Economy
  • They get paid to how much they work, for example if they work on a higher type of work they will get paid more then a person who works in a fast food.
  • They buy the the essentials first like food,water and electricity for their home, then buy other items with the money they have left. And they sell things for how much the item is worth.
The Promise of Free Enterprise


  • Some disadvantages are the people who are in the lower class might not get the chance because they might not have the money to rise up into the economy. And the government may not help them because they only step in if its for protection and safety reasoning's yet you can start off small for example working in a fast food restaurant the gradually making your way to the top.
  • Material inequality but then again, everything you get its what you earn.


  • Free Enterprise separates the hardworking people with the least working people. Which creates competition to see who rises up, who stays the same and who lowers in the economy.
  • It makes us truly happy because it allows us earn our own success.


Free Enterprise is great because it gives you freedom to do with your own job and money!