Stopping Rhino Poachers

By: LeTavion Erwin


Animal poachers are killing rhinos for their horns. Criminal gangs are offering up to $30,000 for the horns causing the poaching. Professor Tom Snitch and the WWF came up with the idea to use drones to catch the rhino poachers from a bird’s eye view

Vocabulary Words

Poachers- The ones trying to kill animals for something animal contains Ex. Ivory. Rhinos are being killed for their ivory.

Rhino- Big creatures with one big and one small horn. The ones being killed in the story.

Endangered- Close to becoming extinct. The rhinos are endangered in the story.

Drones- What they are using to stop rhino poachers.

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Main Idea

To inform you of how the WWF are trying to put an end to rhino poaching.Also how they can use drones to do it

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2 questions with answers:

Q: How will they stop rhino poaching?

A: by using drones.

Q: Why are people poaching rhinos?

A: For the horns and how much money they can make by selling the horns.

Organization of the article

Problem and Solution.

The author presents the problem of rhino poaching, and then suggests a solution of drones.

Authors Purpose

To Inform you about rhino poachers and what is being done about it


Professor Tom Snitch thinks that using drones could be a very valuable tool in catching the poachers”: This is important because it hints to you that this is the way they are trying to stop animal poachers

Criminal gangs are offering as much as $30,000 per pound for the horns.:

This quote tells you why rhinos are being killed for their horns.