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Summer Update (June 2022)

Hello, Happy Summer

I want to take a moment as we begin our summer to remind you of a few things. The first is please, enjoy your summer, have fun with family and friends, make MEMORIES!!!! The next thing I would like for you to do is to make sure that you have made your purchases for spirit wear, time is running out. Remember we have training on August 1st and 2nd, these days are extremely important.

ASB Spirit Gear

Remember to get your spirit gear before time runs out. There are 18 days left to place your order.

Link for ASB Spirit Items to be purchased -

Code of Conduct

There are still a few students who have not turned in their code of conduct, please email that asap as this is part of your acceptance and enrollment in the ASB Leadership Class. You can find the form on the ASB website (

Being a Great Leader...

Being a Great Leader starts with having the desire to be great, but you also need tools to help you. Here is a list of possible supplies that will help you along the way this year.

  • 3 Subject Notebook
  • Pens (various colors)
  • Pencils
  • Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Agenda/Calendar for ASB



  • Yes, we use it for a variety of reasons.
  • There are leadership assignments; essays, projects, etc.
  • CANVAS allows for leaders to collaborate on event planning.
  • Easy to Email members of the class and the teacher (vice-versa)


Using Technology for Enhancing School Culture and Building Relationships.

ASB Leadership Parent Remind Message System

This is for parents who would like to be part of the dream team of volunteers. Throughout the year ASB needs adults to help with various events so that they are successful. Your Leader will do a lot this year, but there are a few things where adults are needed (and required). This keeps you informed and you are not committed to any event.

ASB Leadership Students Remind Message System

This is for our ASB Leaders who have a phone so that they may receive important messages throughout the year. Examples are early morning setup reminders, lost property left in the classroom, and the best positive feedback after events. (students are not required, this is just another tool/option and must have parent permission).

Executive Board Remind Message System

This is for our President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer to ensure a positive year of events and successful implementation of student culture on campus.

In Case You Missed It

Sharing the video that was made by 8th graders and presented to myself and Mrs. Manriquez.
Dear My'chelle and Mr. Williams
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