2013-2014 Awesomeness!

Effective. Strategic. Worth it.

Focus on School Performance Plans

At each and every school, the School Performance Plan should drive the change and success for the year. Therefore, as TOSAs, we should be responsible to know the School Performance Plan back to front and be a change agent in embracing the plan, selling the plan and helping to monitor the plan, if need be. In doing so, we need to have a complete understanding of the direction of the school and the tasks designated to reach a higher level. Once we have become experts in the particular area, we need to then model, encourage and reflect, giving hope that the desired outcome of success by design will come to fruition.

Use a monthly SMORE to highlight the wondrous happenings in our district.

This can be assigned to one TOSA, or rotate through, and can be used as a communication tool to focus on the amazing things happening at each site: being sent out district wide. This tool will promote collaboration and camaraderie, while maintaining the focus of why we do what we do and the necessity to focus on success by design.


Adopt A Class - Create and Maintain a Blog

The Potential of Blogging

In short, implementing teacher blogging in a school, creates a culture of Professional Learning Communities through a different approach. By having teachers create and maintain their own classroom blogs, a common place is created for teachers to share their successes and trials that are happening, therefore providing growth, learning and inspiration for others. For this year, the TOSAs could create a blog for their adopted class and use the process to help others in upcoming years that may want to embrace this growing trend.

Weekly Meetings

Tuesday, Aug. 27th, 8am

SDO - DSA Building D

Team meetings are a crucial tool to keeping the department connected, while also keeping the communication on the cutting edge. Meeting days/times need to be selected early on and adhered to, to maximize everyone's effectiveness and consistency in meeting the goals of the schools.

TOSA Placement 2013-2014 and Direction

In focusing on our district through the lens of "Success by Design", I think it is critical that we approach the upcoming year with our own design maximized for success, focusing on communication and the needs of schools, ultimately for all students.

This year, as a team, we think that some schools should be made "priority" schools, based on their star rating, for TOSA use, while others may be more of an "on call" status. What this means is that rather than scheduling TOSAs into specific buildings on certain days of the week, the TOSA schedules appointments with teachers/school administrators for certain days/times per the school's want/need. Therefore, maximizing the use of the TOSAs time, and not pressing the need of assistance on a school that may not be in great need. The want/need will be focused around the School Performance Plan needs at each school.

TOSA assignment may look as follows:

Sandi - Amargosa

Lin - The North Schools (Gabbs, Round Mtn., and Tonopah)


Desiree - Rosemary Clarke Middle School

Pahrump Valley HIgh School

Beatty Schools

Debbie - JG Johnson

The above schools would be the "focus" schools for each TOSA and where he/she would spend the majority of his/her time modeling in classrooms and providing professional development; however, TOSAs would still be available per request of other schools and provide professional development to their needs as requested.