Project 1 - Thingiverse 3D Print

Made with Makerbot Software and a 3D Printer

Why this product would be desirable

This product would be desirable for a couple reasons. For one, it solves an inconvenience that most people don't have a solution for, chip bags that won't close. It also is quite small and lightweight, and will be easy to mass produce. Anyone who buys chips would be a potential customer.

Obstacles I Faced

The major obstacle I faced was finding a design that was not too complicated for the 3D printers we had. I had a couple other designs in mind, but they had either too many parts, were too big, or were too complex for our printers. In the end, even the design I went with didn't quite work out. The part that was supposed to open up was accidentally stuck together.


What I am Proud of

Ultimately, I am proud of my project because it demonstrates my first foray into the FABlab. I have never used a 3D printer, or any of the other devices in the lab, and this marks the first time I have done anything like this. While the finished project isn't as nice as I had hoped it would be, the fault was with the printer, not with me.