Cyber Hacking

Simon Kidane Jan 10th Digital Literacy, Mrs.Wasser, Period 1

How can I create a presentation that can show people the dangers of cyber hacking and get them to be aware?

Cyber hackers are much more dangerous than you would think. You would think you are safe in your room, but no there are many hackers out there. I chose this topic because it seemed like an important issue that I wanted to get more people aware about.

Danger Online

Hackers are very resourceful, as a matter of fact, a 14 year old managed to hack a google car with just his I-Phone and a few things he bought at radio- shack. If a kid can hack a car, imagine how easy it will be to hack your computer. Also, hackers work in groups, normally you would imagine a hacker all alone where he can not get caught, bot that is not the way it is. Hackers work together so they can hack through easily and intimidate targets. Lastly, hackers always hope you are unprepared. When you are unprepared you will be so easy to hack, and if you are easy to hack, you will be in bigger shock when you do get hacked. So always be prepared, then you will not get hacked as easily and you will be safer.

Hacking Is a Big Thing

President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jingping had made an agreement that their countries would not have any cyber attacks on each other. Barack Obama said " The question is now, are words followed by actions?" I think this topic is as big of a deal as the government are making it, if not bigger. It is very dangerous and it needs to be completely stopped. Hacking isn't only personal as you see. Hackers can take down major enterprises.

Hacking has become scary for Americans

Here is a chart on what Americans say what crime they are most afraid of...