Adidas Slave Labor

Adidas is using slave labor in the making of their products

Adidas uses slave labor and fires 33 workers after a legal strike

In one of Adidas’ supplier factories almost the entire union leadership was fired after striking over wages. In this and other Adidas supplier factories, workers have to work at high intensity for long periods and are paid very low wages.In October 2005, 33 workers from the Panarub factory were fired after they participated in a legal strike trying to get better pay for the thousands of workers in the factory. Workers are paid as little as 60 cents an hour and there have been dramatic rises in the cost of living in Indonesia.

Adidas makes their workers lie

"The inspectors are always announced beforehand, so we have to clean, we have to sweep," said Jamiatun, a union leader at PT Golden Continental, which is not an Olympic contractor. "The first-aid box is filled, and we're told what to say if the inspector speaks to us. We have to tell them we're paid the minimum wage, and we mustn't tell them we work overtime at weekends."
"They [the management] get people to hide in bathrooms, so there are fewer people on the production line and it looks more efficient. If Adidas wants to ask questions, the workers are prepared beforehand with questions and answers. We can never tell the truth, otherwise we might lose our jobs."