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East Middle Vikings: October Edition

This Past Month of September: Attendance Awareness Month

During the past month of September, both students and staff have enjoyed celebrating "Attendance Awareness Month". Each day, school spirit days were used to promote the importance of attending school regularly to ensure academic success. Below, students and staff are shown celebrating "Crazy Hair Day- Bed hair don't care just be at school!", "Put a Cap on Attendance Day", and "No Hiding Out-Get to School! Camo Day". Let's all work together this year to promote good attendance so students can achieve to their highest potential.

If you would like to read more, click here to read an informative article about why attendance matters.

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Beginning "Lunch Buddy Club" at ERMS: Searching for Mentors!

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About the Lunch Buddy Club

We are currently looking for community members who would be willing to volunteer as a lunch buddy mentor! We are so excited about this program and the positive impact it will have on our students. Please help us in spreading the word! Below you can read some information from our lunch buddy flyer:

Goal of Lunch Buddy Program:

The ERMS Lunch Buddy Program is designed to help reach students who would benefit from having an additional positive role model in their life. It helps create healthy attitudes and behavior in youth, as well as provide skills, resources, and positive experiences that will help students become successful, productive citizens. We are excited about this program and the opportunities it will allow for our students. The relationship with a caring, consistent adult has been found to improve attendance, social skills, conversations, and self confidence.

How do I become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Rebekah Hunt, School Counselor or Lindsay Walker, Assistant Principal:

Contact Information:

Rebekah Hunt:

Lindsay Walker:

School Phone: 828-245-3750

Community volunteers are required to have backgrounds checked and matched with an appropriate child.

Where and when will I meet with my lunch buddy student?

Lunch Buddy Volunteers are asked to come once a month on a time of their choice to eat lunch with their student. However, if schedule permits lunch buddy mentors are welcome to come more often. A space will be provided at East Middle to eat lunch one-on-one with your student such as commons area, in a classroom that is not being used, or outside if you wish.

Thank you for considering volunteering as a Lunch Buddy Mentor at East Middle!

About Us: Counselor Connection

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