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Laws against euthanasia in Australia

Northern Territory was the centre of attraction, regarding the international debate over legalizing euthanasia there. On the 25th of May 1995, the Northern Territory became the first jurisdiction in the world to pass a law, which allowed voluntary euthanasia to be performed. This could only take place, if three qualified medical practitioners that knew about the patient’s condition signs the request forms and gets a confirmation from a psychiatrist who agrees that the person is not suffering from a curable mental illness.

Soon after, in 1997, the law was officially overturned. Fortunately, during this two year period, only four people had this painful and horrible way of ending their life.

Moral rights

Euthanasia weakens the society’s respect for the sacredness of a human life. This may also provide false beliefs that some lives are worthless than others. Would you like being labeled as worthless? Voluntary euthanasia could be the beginning of a slippery slide that may end at involuntary euthanasia when people get killed, as they are judged as being undesirable and of no use to the society. It will not only affect them, but also their loved ones, as they will also be the ones witnessing this dreadful and painful act.

Why is there the need for Euthanasia?

Why is euthanasia needed if proper palliative care is provided to a patient? If euthanasia was legalised then this will mean that more caregivers would dent their commitments when it comes to giving care to the terminally ill, as the caregivers will assume that the patient is going to be having euthanasia soon. If euthanasia was legalised, it could also mean that the search for cures and terminally ill will be discouraged. Euthanasia exposes vulnerable people to end their life, if they feel unwanted or have been abandoned by their family members.

What religious officials say about euthanasia?

Euthanasia is said to be against the will and word of God. Sometimes suffering short-term, may benefit you for the long-term. I always thought that you have to have faith in yourself to overcome any obstacles in your life, as there are always remedies.

What I think of Euthanasia

If euthanasia is legalised, it is going to be a recipe for elder abuse.

If Euthanasia is the answer, what is the question?

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