Lee ravenscroft- Working bikes

By- Jack Culbertson

Name of buisness

The name of his business or shop is Working Bikes.

The entrepreneur who founded this company is Lee Ravenscroft

This company was founded in 1999

What they do and why they need to do it

Lee is an older man who believed that believed that helping people was the right choice. He was right. Lee is in charge of a company that gives people bikes. These people are people that do not have a quick transportation. He makes old bikes like brand new ones. They get the bikes from people who donate them or people who happen to come across a wrecked bike that no one uses. They can also donate money to the organization to buy used and old bikes.

The people who are running this company see a need to do this for people less fortunate then them. A lot of the people who are helping out with this are already the company of their own bike company. A list of 30+ people. They want to help the world around them.

Similarities and differences between this entrepenure and my old one

*Found a need to help others

*Did not have a huge interest for money.

That is all

*Did not do all of this out of the kindness of his heart

*Had help (Lee) and did not have help (Orville)