Connor Davis

Introduction Paragraph

Perseverance is determined by how tough or hard an obstacle is that you have to overcome or get passed. One major part of perseverance is being resilient and strong and confident so you can overcome your obstacles. Also people can influence if your able to overcome and persevere. Family and friends can change the outcome of if you want to achieve what you want and be able to overcome your adversity.

Two Brothers


At first they were just two high school wrestlers who one of them lost his legs by getting hit by train and the other guy couldn’t see out of one of his eyes and they both helped each other to overcome their adversity. They both wrestled at the same high school and helped each other get around. Then one of the ESPN reporters took them in and helped them get to college and be able to pay and get scholarships so she took care of them.One of the boys got a chance to be in the Olympics and he competed in mix martial arts. He kept getting better and practicing and he lost one time in the Olympics but he still went and achieved and got 3rd place in the Olympics and the first person he called was the ESPN reporter that helped him get to where he got. It was a very good story that had a very happy ending they had to overcome a lot of things. Also they had to keep up their effort even though they could have given up.

The Girls

First the girls were all having struggling homes and were getting into trouble. They all had to go to this school which taught girls the proper way of being young adults and everything it’s almost like a detention center but it’s a school at the same time. They each had to at least play one sport so some of the girls started to play basketball their team wan’t very good because most of them haven’t played before so they all practiced extra hard during the season and they eventually scored like 30 or 40 points in their last game even though they lost it was a very accomplishing moment for them to score that much because through all they have gone through with getting into trouble and having bad family’s but they all overcame that and it was a very emotional after their game when most of them are going back to their schools were they used to go and back to having the same good childhood. It was a good experience for them to be able to be a part of a team that changed them and hopefully made them better people.

Nick Vujicic

If you look at Nick Vujicic you would think oh he must need help to get up and go places but then he would say no not at all he can get up and move around just like a normal person would and he had to think of ways to practice getting up and he kept practicing and practicing and he was finally able to do it he can move around he is a extraordinary person who has overcame a lot of diversity and he had been resilient for a while. He eventually learned how to eat and do everything he had to practice to do all of that for a while and he eventually learned how to not have arms or legs. Also people would try and help him but he would say no he has a had a problem and he figured out ways to make himself able to do it by himself.

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He was a confident and being able to keep moving forward.
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Buddy Hield

Him winning the championship in his first year in college.

Conclusion Paragraph

We can learn how they tried to overcome there adversity so it can help us and see how they messed up and to not make the same mistake they made and to get better.