By Cooper

Hay didn't see you there. My name is Cooper I have been playing soccer for 6 years. Do you know what soccer is. Well to bad so the first thing we are going to talk about is legends,teams and becoming one.

Soccer Teams

So one of the teams are the Blue Samuri they are from the Empire of Japan. Another team is the Lions Afghanistan they aren't so good at soccer. Okayp we are almost done with this section so another team is the Wasps they are from Brunei. One last one is the Littel Canary from Brazil.

Soccer legends

So now we are going to talk about soccer legends. One of the most popular soccer player is Lionel Messi he has scored more than 100 goals in his hole career. This next one that I am going to talk about is not as popular as Lionel Messi. His name is Roberto Calos he has scored more than 30 goals in his career. The popular soccer player in the hole wide world is Pelè but he is dead now.


So one of the positions is the forward they are the ones that go and score the goals. Another position is the defense they try to stop the other team from scoreing a goal and they also sometimes score goals. Then there is one more and that is the goalie they can use their hands but there is a barrier.


Okay now we are going to talk about Rules so let's get started. One rule is that you have to have shin guards on because if you don't then you can not play the game and if they do you will get kicked in the shin a lot. Another rule is that you can not have food on the field because it has to be clean for when the players and so it isn't dirty. One last rule is that you can't have julery on because if you do you will get kicked out of the game.


So now we are going to talk about clothing like jerseys, 1 company, and cleats so first we are going to talk about jerseys. So when you wear your jersey it will look the same as your team mates but the only thing that will be different will be your last name because you know that a lot of people don't have the same last name. Now we are going to talk about cleats. So when you wear cleats they have to be soccer cleats if they are not you will not be able to play because their are many different types of cleats. Now we are going to talk about a company. So one company is Hillsborough they are in the USA in North Carolina they work for the American team.
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Now we are going to talk about FIFA. So FIFA is a giant world wide tournament. So first we are going to talk about how many games there are. So there are about 90 games in the hole tournament. If you lose you are out and your team and if you win you get to move on.
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So next time I hope will see you there and next time you will know A LOT ABOUT SOCCER so bye.