Come to Stay in The Southeast


Major Landforms and Bodies of Water

In Kentucky there is a place called Mammoth cave national park. This park is located in west-central Kentucky near a city called Bowling Green.This cave is the biggest known cave system in the world. A major body of water is the Mississippi river. This river borders Arkansas and runs through Lousisiana. In Arkansas people bathe in the hot springs, which are 143% f. So if you like hot tubs, you'll like the hot springs.

Capitals and States

There are many capitals and states, like Alabama's capital is Montgomery. Or like Arkansas's capital is Little Rock. Or maybe that Florida's capital is Tallahassee. Or maybe even that Georgia's capital is Atlanta. No matter what there are still plenty of capitals and states. Like Kentucky's capital is Frankfort, or that Mississippi's capital is Jackson. These are just a few state capitals, because the southeast is big and amazing. Some other states and capitals are North Carolina and that's capital is Raleigh, South Carolina's capital is Columbia, Tennessee's capital is Nashville, West Virginia's capital is Charlestown. Now if you go, you will at least know that these are probably some places to check out! There is also Louisiana which we'll be talking about in a minute.

Food, Population, and Weather

I can't be certain what the population is now, but the range a while ago was 13,304,324 people. The climate is typically pretty warm, but the weather still changes. The weather will also kind of vary depending on where you are. Some years are cooler or warmer than others. Florida though is typically warm, and Louisiana is typically rainy. Louisiana has some delicious food that includes french food, african food, and spanish food. With this large variety it is no wonder that Louisiana is known for it's cooking.

Natural Wonder

The Southeast has many natural wonders, but one of them is the Mammoth Cave. The Mammoth Cave is the largest and longest cave system in the world! In fact, new passages are always being found. The Mammoth Cave is located pretty much in a city called Bowling Green in west-central Kentucky. The Mammoth Cave is about 400 miles long. More than 2,000 years ago, Native Americans used to mine in this cave for minerals. Then, in 1982, the cave was mined for nitrates to make gunpowder. Many forms of wildlife roam these caves and around them. Species like most bats and fish live in these caves. Though animals live in the caves, plenty of wildlife is outside, including deer, foxes, wild turkeys, snakes, and many others. There is beauty inside the cave to though. A rock called the Frozen Niagra dwells in these caves. This rock resembles a frozen waterfall. Also, some cave walls have delicate flowers made of gypsum crystals. Many people camp, canoe, hike, and fish in this wonderful park.

Resources, Manufactured or Not

Many resources come from the southeast. Alabama, for instance, produces coal, iron ore, and limestone. This is the only place on Earth that these materials can be found in a 10 mile radius. Florida produces oranges and orange juice. Though they are almost always oranges, 9 out of every 10 oranges are made into orange juice. Many people in Arkansas save the traditions of woodcarving, music, and quilt making. Most people in Georgia help make fine china, clay, marble, wood pulp, aircraft,and textiles. This state produces about 80% of the nations carpeting. But there are so many places, that these are not even all of the resources!

Farming, Agriculture, and Landforms

Millions and millions of years ago, the Gulf of Mexico covered Alabama. When most of the land went down, pure and black soil was left behind. This perfectly pure soil is called Black Belt. This soil seems to be extraordinary for cattle. Crops grow in the Southeast, so farming is a popular job. Some major crops are cotton, peanuts, soy beans, corn, and tobacco. On the bank of Mississippi, the Mississippi river runs, creating perfect rich soil for farming. Since Alabama, and Mississippi have such good soil, it makes farming a popular job. Selling oranges is another common and great job, due to Florida's amazing oranges.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is an amusement park in Florida. This is a big tourist attraction. This fantastic park lies in Orlando, Florida. This is one of the top 5 tourist attractions in the world. The tourists that go here seem to increase every single year. The fun park includes rides, plenty of special events, and games. This amazing place has a animal kingdom, which is the largest animal themed amusement park in the world! This is a place any bright, cheery, kid would love. Just type in Walt Disney World and so many hotels will pop up, that you will book a ride in no time!

Thank You for Your Time

Please come to the southeast and have a wonderful vacation! :)