Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Haven Simone Aug 28, 2012


The story is set in San Franscisco's Chinatown, witch is one the lagest Chinese communties outside of Asia. The neighbrohood with its fascinating mix of shops, business, and religon and cultural institutions is a crowed and bustlijng place.


Jing-mei And he mother had problems that would last for years some cultural, genrenational and some pure personal. Her mother was an immigrated to the United States from China and wants her American born daughter to become a prodigy.


Jing-mei mother wants her to become something like a prodigy. She trys to get he to do all these things that prodigy did when she was a little girl. Her mom pushes her because she just wants her to be good at doing something but Jing-mei doesnt try to nor want to do anything her mother puts her to.

Internal Conflict

The internal conflict of this stroy is when Jing-mei struggles with all the things her mother wants her to be that she doesnt think is meant for her. Jing-mei also starts to put hereself in a dapress mood when she starts to see how her mother reacts when she lets her down.

External Conflict


One theme found in "Two Kinds" is that family relationships can be difficult. For example, Jing -mei embarrasses herself at the talent show and her mother accuses her of disobedience. This reveals that Jing-mei feels pressured by her mother to be something that she is not. She feels as though she lives under the constant scrutiny of her mother, which makes their relationship very difficult. As Jing-mei grows older she starts to understand these difficult times more appreciates them.


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