Fall 2015 Graduate Courses

An Update from the School of Kinesiology

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KIN 5421 – Sport Finance

Tues/Thurs, 1:00pm -2:15pm

Instructor: Dr. Inoue

Course description: This course aims to introduce financial analysis in sport. Focus will be given to understanding financial statements, budgeting issues, traditional/innovative revenue producing strategies available to sport organizations, and economic and social impact analysis of sport events. Discussion and case study analysis will be used to facilitate understanding.

KIN 5981 - Research Methodology in Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport

Wednesdays, 1:00pm-3:30pm

Instructor: Dr. Barr-Anderson

Course description: Overall perspective of the research process. Define and review various types of research done in exercise and sport science, physical education, and recreation studies. Alternative approaches for doing research relative to a more philosophical discussion of science and ways of knowing. Qualitative research, the use of field studies, and methods of introspection will be discussed as alternate strategies in answering research questions instead of relying on the traditional scientific paradigm as the only approach to research problems.

KIN 5122 – Applied Exercise Physiology

Tuesdays, 4:40pm-7:10pm

Instructor: Dr. Snyder

Course description: Mechanisms of cardiorespiratory and muscular responses to exercise; application of exercise physiology to assessment of work capacity, athletic conditioning, and requirements of human powered vehicles; low to moderate exercise as an intervention in lowering risk for common health problems.

Please note: KIN 5720 Section 002 & 003 are cancelled for Fall 2015.