Emerging Leaders News

Bi-weekly Newsletter 2/15/2016

Keep your word. Honor commitments and they will double back to honor you. -Bill Rancic

It is easy to push some of our commitments to the side as other commitments start to demand our time. However it is important to uphold each commitment we make as each one is a step towards achieving our personal and professional goals. As we move to the finish line, please stay true to your commitment to develop yourselves so that you can be an effective leader for your students, your teachers, and yourself.

Action Items

1. Complete Assignment 3 by Feb. 29th. (CHANGE IN DUE DATE). Remember to reference your survey results for that portion of the assignment

2. Review the Learning Meeting #2 Schedule. Some dates have been changed due to conflicting commitments.

Link here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16XDFPTEAEqVqeHDcx1hlw_bWRsxBE7ScrARCXNUgMY8/edit?usp=sharing

3.Complete Cycle 7 Pre-Work: There is no webinar but please bring the following to the in-person session:
- Completed “Content Review” chart (Cycle 7 Workbook)
-Your initial school diagnostic results
-Any materials required for for Learning Meeting #2
-Read and complete Cycle 7 Workbook
-A recording device

-Your calendars as your will sign up for LM#3 during this session.

4. Assignment 4 is due as follows:

  • All parts EXCEPT the end of the year outcome are due on March 15th.
  • End of the Year Outcomes are due on April 12. End of the year outcomes are when everyone should have their data submitted to Canvas. Please make sure you have planned your End of Emerging Leaders Program Summative Assessment to allow for enough time to administer, score, and conduct data analysis(and action planning) over the assessment.


1. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that completed their self-assessment surveys and had their teacher teams complete their surveys. We had 27/33 people complete their Self Assessments and 30/33 teacher teams complete the Teacher Survey part of Assignment 3.

**Survey Results were emailed last week. If you did not receive your results, please email me.

2. Assignment 2.1 Scores will be available in Canvas on Feb. 16 at 8am. Please take a moment to review your scores and feedback.

3. Cycle 3 Session is March 2nd. Same time, same location. This is our last cycle session and will look different from previous sessions.

Learning Meeting #2: Presenting the Vision

For specific information about Learning Meeting #2 please review the last newsletter (dated Feb 1).

What to expect during the Presenting the Vision portion of Learning Meeting #2

Since all Learning Meetings will be conducted via Skype, you will simply talk to me for 5-10 minutes uninterrupted over the following topics(also listed in last week's newsletter):

a. Provide a brief summary of your team’s progress toward realizing the vision set at the beginning of the year;

  • including progress to your Instructional Leadership SMART goal achievement
  • how you have influenced that urgency, engaging others to take responsibility for results

b. Present evidence of how your team has demonstrated a sense of urgency around driving student

After you finish, I will ask some clarifying questions and provide feedback on specific information that you need to make sure is present and detailed in your Learning Meeting #3 presentation. We will then follow the normal format for the rest of the Learning Meeting.


1. Brandi's Presentation on Identifying Misconceptions from Cycle 6 Session is now in Canvas under Local Resources. THANKS AGAIN TO BRANDI FOR DOING A WONDERFUL JOB OF DEMONSTRATING ITEM LEVEL ANALYSIS IN ACTION!!

2. Pinterest Math Routines and Resources