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Mrs. Southwick's Fabulous 4th Grade Class

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Reading Makes Us Stronger!

I Love to Read Month starts Monday!


      KMES is reading to kick-off our exciting “I Love to Read Month”! Our 2015 theme is “Building Better Readers: Book by Book & Brick by Brick ”! This year, our school-wide celebration challenge is to duct-tape Mrs. Krell to the wall of the gymnasium….if our reading goal is met! Mrs. Krell is EXCITED and can’t wait to try a new cozy reading spot on the wall! She has her book all picked out and is ready to get STUCK on reading! Reading is so AWESOME!

      • We are asking for DONATIONS of rolls of duct tape. Please consider donating to help us with this fun challenge!

      • Your child is bringing home a calendar filled with fun activities and dress-up days. On the back of this, is their reading log. Please record minutes read each day and return the log on Friday each week. Students will have the chance to win great books and the opportunity to help Mrs. Krell “stick with reading” at our closing celebration by adding a piece of tape to her reading spot.

      • When your child has read a book, please have them complete the LEGO hallway banner. They will rate the book, include the title and author, and tell a little about the book and why they are an AWESOME reader. You may attach a picture of them reading, or they may draw a picture of them reading, or an illustration of their book.

      Thanks for helping us “build” the excitement for a great month of reading!

What's Up in Class

Social Studies Scoop

This week, students took the final test for the NE states. One of the expectations for 4th grade is that all students learn the states and capitals. Next up will be the western states, and then we will review all states toward the year's end.

We have continued to read and dig deeper into developing an understanding of the Ojibwa culture with our novel study on The Birchbark House. The text is structured chronologically, explaining the triumphs and struggles of the 1800's Ojibwa throughout the seasons of one year. We are recording and reflecting on story elements in the "magic books" students made. One entry involved recording the sequence of events in harvesting wild rice. We were able to view and compare a fiction and non-fiction short film about this process.

Today, students began making their moccasins, which we will finish next week. Our story will continue, and we will also dive into the next edition of the Social Studies newspaper.

Our Handwashing Investigation

We started an investigation back in January to see how effectively we are washing hands. We have observed during that time three separate bags, each with a slice of bread inside. The first slice (CONTROL) was untouched by human hands. The second slice (DIRTY HANDS) was placed in the bag after being passed around to all students after the first half of the day, including lunch and recess. Lastly, the third bag (CLEAN HANDS) was passed around after all students washed hands.

What conclusions do you draw from the evidence? (It looks like:


b) Students need to do a more thorough job of handwashing.

c) It kind of makes you wonder just exactly what is in the control bread that allows it to look virtually the same two months after it was placed in a bag. Hmmmmm........

We are an awesome bunch of 4th grade leaders & learners! We show RESPECT & have KoMet Pride!

Science Snippet

The past week in science students began learning about the immune system. This system of the human body attempts to remain strong by students getting sleep, eating healthy foods, getting exercise, and staying clean! If the body does break down, white blood cells, antibodies, and many organs help to fight the winning battle to get our bodies back on track! Students were also introduced to a game called “Illsville” in which they have to keep an entire village healthy by understanding symptoms, using tools, and making difficult decisions. Next week, students will continue with the immune system and also will be introduced to the immune system’s sidekick; the circulatory system.

Math Minute

The J Team took unit test #6 in the beginning of the week and proceeded on to unit 7. Students spent their week learning more about fractions. The classes reviewed the meanings and uses of fractions in the real world. Students had the opportunity to draw fractional parts of wholes using pattern blocks.

We spent some time learning about how to figure out fractions of a whole, along with the addition and subtraction of fractions.

Next week we will learn the basic method of adding and subtracting fractions with similar denominators, as well as adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Students first learned how to find the Least Common Multiple and the transform it to a least common denominator which gave them an equivalent fraction.

Learning about Theme

This week in Language Arts, we discussed idioms and theme, as well as story elements. We applied them to a variety of texts, and also started creating our Language Arts notebooks, into which we are recording information and helpful reminders and strategies. One of the resources we examined when talking about theme is the heartwarming short film (below). You won't regret taking a minute to view it and share the story with your child. Briefly discuss the characters, character traits, the problem and solution, and also the theme, or message in the story. What a beautiful message!

"We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another." ~Luciano de Crescenzo


Interested in the Science Fair?

If you are interested in participating in the Science Fair this year, registrations will be accepted by Mrs. Aimee Johnson through Thursday of next week.

J-Team Sledding Party postponed....

Due to the cold temps today, and the potential for some new, fresh snow next week, we had to postpone the sledding party until next Friday. Students who have earned the party may bring sleds (but not on the bus) that day, if they choose. We will have other sleds available to use.

Rollerblading will be Rolling Soon!

Students will be rollerblading during PE classes from MARCH 9-31.

Safety and learning basic rollerblading skills will be the main emphasis of this unit.

All students will be required to wear protective gear-knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. The school provides this safety equipment, but the students are encouraged to bring their own. Most students choose to bring their own rollerblades, but we have rollerblades for those without their own. If you bring your own blades, please have your name on them and clean the wheels. We do not use skate brakes in the gym. Please wear LONG SOCKS to prevent blisters and contamination of rollerblades.

If you have any questions- please contact Cathy Hennessy or Nate Hamm at 634-1234.