Digital Citizenship Project

Gavin W./P.2

Here are some rules for living with the internet and protecting yourself from problems with online citizenship:

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

Be respectful to other people online.

Rule #2 Cyberbullying

Be kind to others online.

Rule #3 Copyright

Copyright protects your work so if someone copies it there will be consequences.

Rule #4 Plagiarism

If you plagiarize you are copying someone else's work that has been "copyrighted"

(rule #2) without asking them.

Rule #5 Online Safety

Be careful on the internet.

Rule #6 Information Privacy

Don't share any personal information on the internet.

Rule #7 Social Networking

Social networking is something that you need permission to do, and you need to keep personal information to yourself or your friends (rule #2)

What is Digital Citizenship and why is it necessary to display positive Digital Citizenship